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Our goal is to support the academic upbringing of all students by providing
comprehensive and pleasing supplemental material to the academic curriculum.

The passion behind this project stems from our work as educators, facilitating the
educational success of students from all grade levels. We’ve assumed the roles of
teachers, aides, counselors, and tutors and have done this through our work in school settings, as well as home-based educational models, and community-engaged learning.

Young minds learn through gameplay and active exploration, and we strongly feel that there’s a certain magic to discovering the common and exploring the mundane. Early childhood is one big adventure after the next, with page-turning quests and new and lasting experiences on the horizon. As adults, we have the power to make learning as comprehensive and engaging as our students. Every moment is an educational opportunity and everyone can be an educator.

Our product holds education and play at the core of everything and aims to bring all
educators the supplemental materials to assist our student’s development and subject
mastery. We hope you enjoy it and we can continue to promote the growth of young minds with your support.

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